We have come to worship you today, You who are our light



We have come to worship you today,
You who are our light,
You who are our salvation,
And we join our tongues in unison to sing your praise.

We draw near to you this morning to inquire in your temple,
to boldly approach your eternal throne,
to gaze upon your beauty,
and to seek your face.
We offer sacrifices to you, sacrifices of our lips that express hearts of joy
As we sing of the triumphs of your grace.

We come as a people under no condemnation,
Because the blood of your Son has availed for us.
You have canceled our sin, broken its power,
clothed us in righteousness divine,
and called us your people.

We seek you out and cry to you in the midst of our trouble.
It is your name that calms our fears and bids our sorrows cease.
Enemies surround us, but we fear no one;
Deafness, dumbness, blindness, and lameness threaten us, but we are afraid of nothing;
Because you are the stronghold of our lives.
You are our shelter;
You lift us up upon a rock.

And so this morning we sing the glories of our God and King,
We sing and make melody unto the Lord,
We proclaim through all the earth the honors of the name of our gracious Master and God,
We loosen our tongues to sing your praise, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


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