Prayer of Praise, by Philip Melanchthon


Lord God, we give to you all praise and fitting thanksgiving, as do the angels hosts you created who surround your glorious throne. They shine with light and heavenly grace, beholding your face and heeding your voice. They never rest or sleep as we do, but their whole delight is but to be with you, Lord Jesus.

That ancient Dragon is their foe; they know his envy and his wrath. It is always his aim and pride to cause division among your people and to deceive them as he did of old. He subtly lies in wait to ruin your people.

But you guard your people who follow Christ wherever we go; you break the sinister plans of the adversary.

We give praise to you, O God of holiness and truth, wisdom and goodness, justice and mercy, purity and lovingkindness, for with goodness and wisdom unmatched you revealed yourself to us, sending your Son into the world, destined to assume human nature and to become a sacrifice for us.

And so for this, now and in days to be, our praise will rise to you, O Lord, whom all the angel hosts adore with everlasting grateful songs. Amen.

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