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The Worship Design Project (WDP) is a survey of music and worship ministries of the highest attended churches (top 500) in the Southern Baptist Convention in the United States conducted in the spring, summer, and fall of 2014. The WDP …

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What are we really doing when we gather for corporate worship each week? For some today, the main purpose for which we gather is evangelism; every service is designed to bring in seekers and move them toward conversion. For others, …

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Many churches recognize the importance of utilizing traditional hymns in corporate worship, and hymnals remain valuable sources of such historic Christian songs. However, in an internet age, some worship planners are unsure of how to effectively use a hymnal. Here …

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A presentation prepared for the national meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society and presented here for the Southwestern Seminary Worship Colloquium.

Worship colloquium presentation Braden McKinley

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Worship colloquium presentation by Dean Dr. Crider.

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A sermon from Psalm 96 preached by Dr. Scott Aniol.

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Worship colloquium presentation by Dr. Travis Kerns

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PDF Handout

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