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Luke beautifully weaves four hope-filled canticles (songs) into his first two chapters: Mary’s praise (Magnificat 1:46-55), Zechariah’s Prophecy (Benedictus 1:67-79), the Angels’ song (Gloria in Excelsis Deo 2:14), and Simeon’s prayer (Nunc Dimittis 2:28-32). Luke, more than any other writer …

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Advent is a wonderful time of year to both remember the prophecies regarding Christ’s first coming and anticipate his coming again. If all of the prophecies concerning his first coming were fulfilled with complete literalness, we can have confidence that …

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The leadership of LaGrange Baptist Church prepared this daily devotional booklet for use during the Advent season. Download this booklet Introduction: The signs of Christmas approaching are all around us: trees and lights are for sale in many stores, commercials …

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19.12.22 CTK Worship Guide – Advent 4 Revelation Luke 2 Adoration 124 While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks Advent Gloria (Refrain, Hymn 113) Confession Isaiah 7:13–16 Propitiation 2 Timothy 4:8 O Lord, how Shall I Meet You (Tune: 148) Proclamation Matthew …

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19.12.15 CTK Worship Guide – Advent 3 Revelation Psalm 146:5–10 Adoration 101 The King Shall Come Gloria (Refrain, Hymn 113) Confession James 5:7–10 Propitiation Isaiah 35:4 92 Savior of the Nations, Come Proclamation Matthew 11:1-10 Dedication 95 On Jordan’s Banks …

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Revelation: God Making Himself Known to Us Silent Prayer and Meditation Prelude: “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel”  Christian Greeting       Leader: The Lord be with you. People: And also with you. Scripture Reading: Psalm 122 Reader:  The Word of the …

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Revelation Psalm 72:1–7, 18–19 Adoration Hail to the Lord’s Anointed (Tune: 140) Advent Gloria (Refrain, Hymn 113) Confession Matthew 3:1–12 Propitiation Romans 15:8-9 94 Comfort, Comfort Ye My People Proclamation Isaiah 11:1-10 Dedication 90 O Come, O Come Emmanuel Commission …

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