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Dr. Burggraff’s presentation at the 2020 Resourcing Worship Virtual Conference.

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Download a handout (PDF) A vital aspect of most church services is congregational singing, a centuries-old tradition. In order for new songs to be added to a church’s order of service, church members need to learn the songs to sing. …

How to Teach a New Song to a Congregation Read More »

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Adding punctuation to our projected text offers road signs and symbols that help frame the rhythm, flow, and phrasing of the story or poem we are singing. Most of us learned and have followed these non-verbal cues since elementary school. …

An Argument for Punctuation in Projected Song Lyrics Read More »

Theology is those truths that are taught by God, truths that teach us of God, and truths that lead us to God. Our congregations sing that theology every week in a variety of languages, contexts, cultures, and styles. So we …

The Theology of Hymns Versus Modern Worship Songs Read More »

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For many people a hymn is nothing more than some truth made pretty. But such an understanding would be like viewing a person as a soul with some pretty skin. Yet just as a human has a whole anatomy working …

The Anatomy of Congregational Songs Read More »

We are entering a wonderful time in the year when we can reflect upon the advent of our Lord and the redemption that comes through faith in him. One of the most enjoyable ways to do this is through the …

Which advent is in view in Joy to the World? Read More »

Every local congregation has a corpus of congregational song that serves as a basis for the selection of music for corporate worship. In churches of the nineteenth and twentieth century that was often the hymnal of the church. In many …

A Hymnal Without a Binding: Intentionally Developing a Corpus of Congregational Song Read More »

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