Facing the Cross Service (with audio Scripture readings and hymns)


A simple service for Holy Week that recounts the last few days, death, and burial of our Lord through Scripture readings and hymns.

The service, including Scripture readings and hymns, lasts about 45 minutes.

You can see the full service here.

Full video of the service include audio of the Scripture readings and piano accompaniments and lyrics of each hymn:

Service Order (PDF) – All the Scripture references and hymns are listed, so you could read the Scripture passages yourself and sing without the piano if you wish.

Collection of Passion Hymns (PDF), including all those used in this service

Audio of Scripture readings only (mp3) – You can pause between readings to sing.

Audio of Scripture readings and hymn accompaniments (mp3)

Audio of hymn accompaniments only (mp3) – You can pause between hymns to read Scripture.

Finally, here is a video of just the hymn accompaniments if you wish to read the Scripture passages yourself. Simply pause the video during the readings:

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