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Paul Clark speaks on congregational singing in SWBTS Worship Colloquium

Dr. Paul Clark addressed our doctoral students last week on the subject of congregational song. Dr. Clark is currently the Director of Worship and Music Ministries in the Tennessee Baptist Convention. Clark articulated the necessity of worship renewal through congregational singing, which requires both the congregation and singing (obvious, but often overlooked). He described several problems of music in the

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How should God’s Word affect our worship songs?

In the recent issue of The Artistic Theologian, Jonathan Blackmon provided a helpful discussion of the way God’s character and Word should affect what we sing in the church. He summarizes the article in his introduction:

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Absurd Worship

Thomas G. Long offers commentary on the kinds of things we do sing–and should sing–in Christian worship. Faithful worship is deeply ironic. Instead of the words “Enter to Worship, Depart to Serve,” perhaps our bulletins should say, “Warning: Every word of the service to follow is absurd, to be uttered only in faith.” “I believe in the holy catholic church”?

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