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Practical considerations for accompanying congregational singing

There are two primary considerations that underlie the choice of instruments used in accompanying congregational singing: theological and practical. The focus of this discussion will be the latter of the two. Also assumed in this discussion is that congregational singing should be participatory for the entire congregation. With these parameters alone, we can make better choices about how the song

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A Hymnal Without A Binding: Intentionally Developing a Corpus of Congregational Song

Every local congregation has a corpus of congregational song that serves as a basis for the selection of music for corporate worship. In churches of the nineteenth and twentieth century that was often the hymnal of the church. In many churches today, hymnals have been replaced with digital resources that instantly grant access to thousands of songs. The possibilities with

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Congregational Singing and the Dead Sea Scrolls

Southwestern Seminary is hosting this semester an exhibition of rare Dead Sea scroll fragments, twelve of which have never been seen by the public. It’s really a remarkable source of research and information about the time when Jesus lived and the early church was formed.

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