Invitation to study Biblical Foundations of Worship and Culture for a week at Southwestern Baptist Seminary

Worship leadership today is a field of exciting opportunities, but it is also one of many potential pitfalls. Many of these pitfalls result from church music ministers who are unfortunately ill-equipped to face the numerous challenges that Christian worship in the twenty-first century brings.

This January, music ministers and pastors have the opportunity to spend a week equipping themselves to face just these kinds of challenges. January 8-15, 2013, I will be teaching a course called “Biblical Foundations of Worship and Culture” during the winter term at Southwestern Seminary. This compact schedule allows even those with full-time ministry positions across the country (and even the world!) to participate.

In this course, we will explore together the development of worship from Creation to today. We will immerse ourselves in Scripture in order to lay an adequate foundation, study what happened within the church after the close of the New Testament, and evaluate the broader philosophical and theological issues that shaped worship in each period.

In particular, we will give special attention to the nature of culture and the way God’s people have interacted with the prevailing cultures around them as they seek to shape worship practice consistent with the values of Scripture. My recent Artistic Theologian article on culture can give you an idea of the kinds of questions we will address throughout the course.

All of this study will lead us to very practical applications for church worship ministry including evaluating current worship philosophy, planning and leading worship services, and evaluating the vast amounts of worship expressions available for use today.

I invite you to join me this January for a compact, engaging, and enriching time of mining Scripture and history for tools to face today’s worship issues. Contact Southwestern for more information or to register.

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