Baptist Church Music Conference In Review

The Baptist Church Music Conference was held June 3-5 in Tulsa, OK. The theme for this year, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow…So Great a Cloud, was central in every concert and session. The executive council invited groups of all ages to perform, from the Brock Children’s Choir, under the direction of John Simons, an associate dean at Southwestern Seminary, to the Saints Alive Senior Adult choir of South Haven Baptist Church in Springfield, MO.

Jon Duncan, an editorial board member for the Artistic Theologian, presented a plenary session, “So Great a Cloud: A Socio-Political Perspective.”

John Simons, editor-in-chief of the Artistic Theologian, presented two break out sessions. In the first session, Simons challenged the attendees to take their views of children’s choir back to concept and construct a philosophy built on philosophical foundations, methods, and resources. His second session focused on the application of the techniques used with his children’s choir to the conferees own context.

Mark Burnett, a Southwestern Seminary DMA student, held a discussion during the local church division lunch about the importance of mentors.  His mentor, who currently serves at FBC Nashville, TN, shared the intentional process he uses to invest in the lives of young men and the need for older men to seek out mentors.

The conference as a whole highlighted the rich heritage of the church, reminding those in attendance of the groundwork that has been laid before them.  It challenged each person to think of their “balcony people,” for encouragement, and to be a “balcony person” to the next generation.

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