Cereal vs. Steak

Doug Wilson writes about his love for both Mozart and Vince Gill:

There is no tension between these different sorts of music for different occasions, any more than there is tension between cereal for a breakfast and a steak dinner for an anniversary.

He then gives a list of what he considers appropriate criteria for judging music:

  1. Judging a piece of music as substandard within the rules of its genre.
  2. Taking a piece of music on its face value and rejecting it, when that music declares openly its rebellion against God.
  3. Judging a piece of music for being wildly out of place

He concludes,

Outside these basic areas, if we reject a form of music out of hand because it is not the form of music we prefer, then we are trying to kick against the variegated world that the triune God created. And if we are doing this in a spirit of musical snobbery, we are demonstrating that, however adept we are in the form we prefer, when it comes to music at large, we don’t really know what its for.

You can read the whole thing here.

Do you agree with Wilson? Why or why not?

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